Monday, January 3, 2011

Lingerie Malaysia- Shopping for Sexy Lingerie in Malaysia


Welcome to Lingerie Malaysia blog. This is a blog used to highlight some of the lingerie products sold in our main website: Sexy Lingerie Malaysia. You can find our full range of lingerie products such as babydolls, camisoles, chemises, bustier, garters, corsets, teddies, costumes and plus size lingerie there.  

Many Malaysians who intend to buy lingerie for themselves or partners do not feel comfortable being seen shopping in a lingerie store. They prefer to buy such intimate apparel online. Lingerie Malaysia blog offers such customers the luxury of shopping for lingerie online in the comfort and privacy of their own houses. After all, wearing lingerie is for the personal enjoyment of both you and your partner. There is no reason for other people to see or know what you are buying for your own use.

It is also much more convenient to shop for lingerie online at boutiques such as this Lingerie Malaysia site as compared with physical shops. On the internet, if you don’t find what you like in one boutique, you can easily browse another online boutique just by searching in search engines. However, for physical lingerie stores, you have to go from shop to shop. There are not many lingerie fashion boutiques in Malaysia, so you may have to drive quite a distance to find one. It is definitely stressful to look for parking bays and being stuck in traffic congestion which are common problems in Malaysian cities. Furthermore, physical lingerie shops are almost nonexistent in smaller towns in Malaysia. Thus, for residents in smaller towns, the only logical and practical way to shop for lingerie is via online shopping.

Online stores such as Lingerie Malaysia are also able to offer customers much more varieties compared to a physical store. This is because the number of lingerie designs that a physical shop can display is limited by the size of the shop. An internet based boutique will not encounter such problems.

Online shopping is getting increasingly popular. Malaysians are purchasing various items through the internet, including lingerie. That is why this Malaysia Lingerie blog is created to cater to such internet savvy consumers.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Range of Chemises

Here you can view some of the chemises sold in our shopping site.  You can our full range of intimate apparel here:  Online Lingerie Store

This is a very beautiful and sexy looking sheer mini dress styled chemise. It is decorated with pretty flower themed embroideries at the top portion and ribbon lacing. This lingerie set includes a matching colored thong. Currently it is available in 3 different colors. It is available in black, red or white.  The item code for this design is PPN4002.

This gorgeous mesh chemise is a very popular design among our Malaysian customers. It is adorned with beautiful ruffled shoulder straps and embroideries at the top portion. It has a unique 3 layered ruffles design at the hem. A matching colored thong is included as part of the lingerie set. The pink colored version of this lingerie has already been sold out. The colors still in stock are black, white and red. Item code for this hot selling lingerie piece is PPN3999.

This black colored fishnet chemise is another hot seller among our customers. It is a very hot and highly seductive design with side slits. It is adorned with pretty lace trims at the hem. This lingerie set includes a black colored matching panty. The item code for this lingerie piece is PPL2042.

This is a simple yet gorgeous and sexy stretch mesh chemise. The quality is good and the price is very affordable. A matching colored G-string is included as part of the lingerie set. It is currently available in 2 different color varieties, namely black and red. If you are looking to purchase this design, search for the code PPL2044 in our main shopping boutique.

This is a hot and seductive sheer chemise featuring lace-up strings on the front. It is decorated with beautiful lace designs at the hem and chest portion.  This lingerie piece includes a matching colored G-string. It is currently available only in black. Item code for this design is PPL2080.

There are lots more chemises and other intimate apparel available at our boutique. 
Click here to view other lingerie for sale:  Sexy Lingerie Malaysia

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Range of Babydoll Lingerie

Here is a sample list of some of the babydolls available in our main shopping store. You can make a purchase or view the full range of lingerie here: Lingerie Fashion Boutique

This is a simple yet beautiful mesh baby doll design. It is decorated with a satin ribbon and bow in purple color. A matching colored G-string is included. It is currently available in 3 different colors: black, dark pink and white. The item code for this lingerie piece is PPN1002.

This sexy sheer babydoll is very popular among many Malaysians. It is a stretch lace top lingerie design. This lingerie item is decorated with attractive lace trims at the hem. It comes with a thong of matching color. It is currently available only in dark pink color. The item code for this model is PPN3756.

This is a beautiful looking peek a boo flyaway babydoll. It has attractive satin ribbon and ruffles designs on each bra cup. A matching colored thong is included as a set. There are two color options to choose from, which is either red or brown. The item code for this item is PPN3313.

This is a very hot and seductive babydoll design. It has a very pretty satin bow and satin ribbon trims design plus beautiful flower themed embroideries at the top. It includes a thong of matching color. Black is currently unavailable. It is available in red with orange colored embroideries. The item code for this lingerie design is PPN1013.

This is a very sexy yet gorgeous sheer flyaway babydoll. It has a lovely satin ribbon lacing in the center and beautiful embroideries at the top. A matching thong is included as part of the lingerie set. The item code for this item which is available in brown is PPN3742.

This is an attractive sheer flyaway babydoll which is a very popular piece. It is decorated with ruffles at the hem and satin ties on the front part. This lingerie piece with item code PPN3109 includes a matching thong. It is available in black or red.

For more designs, visit our main shopping site: Sexy Babydoll Lingerie